Online Blackjack for Dummies

Online blackjack is by far and away the most casino game played online with over 90% of online casino players having played it. Whether you plan to play for fun or real money, learning the basics of playing blackjack are something every casino player should know how to play. Today we will be breaking it down and going over the tips and tricks of online blackjack for dummies, no disrespect to dummies.

Also known by the name of its highest point value Twenty-One, Blackjack is one of the popular games across the globe. Because this game is one of the easiest in all card games, it is really popular with beginners as well.

Anyone who wants to try their luck at Blackjack should know that this game will be contested between you and a dealer. The game is tracked down by points; you must reach 21 without exceeding the number and beat the dealer’s total to win. Something which is known as a “bust” happens when you or the dealer exceeds the 21 point.

However, “bust” isn’t the only term used while playing. Here are four basic terms of Blackjack that you should be aware of.

Real Money Online Blackjack

Once you feel comfortable with the ins and outs of playing blackjack online then your next step forward would be looking for real money blackjack sites to play for cash. We will leave you with some parting tips to help you win money.

• Dealing- The cards are dealt facedown and you can immediately view the cards that have been set by your side.

• Hitting- A hit signals to the dealer that you wish to take another card. You can give the hit signal once your hand has been dealt.

• Doubling- The term “doubling” refers to when you want to double down a bet. Even though a lot of online and physical casinos in Canada have their own unique rules regarding doubling, you can typically double after your first two cards.

• Standing- The standing gesture that is given in physical casinos signifies that the player is satisfied with their current hand and would like to move on with the game which is crucial to remember when playing blackjack over the Internet for real money at the top online casinos. If you are playing blackjack in an online setting, you simply need to click a button to show this. Blackjack is a rather interesting and invigorating game that can be enjoyed by the beginner as well as the expert player. So, don’t miss out on playing it.

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