How UK Gambling Sites Deal With Player Protection in 2022

The UK Gambling Commission requires all licensees to implement a series of Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and player protection systems to ensure that all players are safe when they gamble online.

These systems aren’t always popular with players, as they can take time and require jumping through a few hoops, but they all serve to make gambling safer.

Some of the systems currently in place include:

No Withdrawal Reversal

Withdrawal reversals have always been considered problematic.

Betting sites know that if they give all players the option to reverse their withdrawals, a large number will, and of those, many will go on to lose it. It’s the casino’s way of saying “double or nothing?”, and as they always have the edge, it’s a proposition they can’t lose.

Problem gamblers are also more like to reverse their withdrawals and this can cause havoc with deposit limits. As a result, the practice has been outlawed in the UK. As soon as a withdrawal is confirmed, it will be processed and cannot be reversed by the player.

Strict Verification

All UK players must be verified as soon as they join a gambling site. In the past, casinos and sportsbooks were very lax when it came to verification and many of them would only submit a verification request when the player made their first withdrawal.

It was convenient for the casino, but not for the player, as it meant that underage gamblers and problem gamblers could slip through the net and lose money.

You will have to satisfy the casinos verification checks before you claim a deposit bonus offer. Even sites with no-deposit casino bonuses are required to verify the user and their payment method before continuing.

Source of Funds

If a player is gambling a lot of money, they may be asked to complete a Source of Funds request. This request essentially asks them for proof that they can afford to make those deposits and wagers, including income statements and bank account balances.

It’s partly designed to prevent money laundering and fraud, but it’s also there to reduce problem gambling.

If you’re gambling £500 a month while earning just £1000, you would likely fail a Source of Funds request and could therefore be prevented for making a deposit.

2.5 Seconds Per Slot

All slot spins in the UK must take at least 2.5 seconds. Players can’t simply keep tapping the “Spin” button for auto resolutions, nor can they use “Turbo” features. Slowing down the pace of the game greatly reduces the risk of problem gambling.

Profit and Loss

All casinos must now display a profit/loss tally while the player is active. It will show how much money has been won or lost during a single gaming session and it’s hoped that this will provide some much-needed clarity for problem gamblers.

Reality Checks

Reality checks are required of all online casinos. This feature triggers a pop up, telling the player how long they have been on the site. They can change how often these pop-ups appear, but they must trigger them at least once every hour. 

The Reality Check gives the player two options: Continue Playing or Log Out.

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