Guide to playing Casino Holdem

Texas Holdem is among the most popular home and casino games in the United States. The game is a derivation of poker alongside other popular variations like Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha and 5 card stud. In this article we will go over a quick guide to playing casino hold em.

There are three types of main Texas Holdem played in casinos today. The first is no limit Texas Holdem. This is a type of game where your betting is unlimited each round. There is also Pot Limit Texas Holdem which has the same rules as hold except for the fact that your betting is restricted to the amount of money in the pot and there is limit holdem which restricts your bet to a set amount of money every round. These can be played cash or tournament style.

In Texas Holdem there are 5 cards that are put down which are community cards. After this 2 cards are distributed to each player. The player on the board needs to match 1 or 2 of their hole cards to create a 5 card hand to beat everyone else on the board in order to win. It is also possible to win pots with less than stellar cards by bluffing out your opponents using savvy betting. If you are familiar with the standard poker hands they all are the same in Casino holdem.

The major difference between playing in a casino or playing at home is the fact that the casino takes a percentage of each pot played. This is known as the rake. This can mean that there is far less money to be won over the long time compared with a home game so you should be accordingly. Also it is considered customary to tip your dealer which will also bring down your expected ROI or return on investment.

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