Microgaming Tournaments Guide

Microgaming entertainment is one of the most popular and well respected brands in the online casino gaming industry. They have produced numerous titles from King’s Clash to theme based games such as Grease or The Wizard of Oz. In addition to their numerous slot and table games they also offer a number of tournament style slot machines that take progressive slots to the next level by allowing you to play against other players instead of just the house. In this article we will go over the basic structure behind Microgaming tournaments and how they work.

Tournament System

Usually when you play an online or brick and mortar slot machine you are simply pulling against a computer. A randomized computer or reel system then chooses when and where you will win. With a tournament style slot system from Microgaming everything works a bit differently. Imagine you are sitting at a Blackjack table with 4 other people. In a tournament system instead of having to hit a jackpot to get your big cash out all you have to do is have the best spin at the table. Simply put- if you have the best hand you end up winning all of the cash in the pot minus whatever percentage the online casino takes to set up the game.

In addition to this you also have the ability to win a progressive jackpot. That progressive jackpot will allow you to win up to thousands of credits from players who have spun for the jackpot and have not won it. Essentially all the losses from spinning a progressive jackpot go into a large pot and when someone lucky enough to come along and win it manages to spin right they not only win whatever jackpot they were spinning for- they win the progressive jackpot as well.

For slot fans who happen to be a bit bored of traditional slots the new tournaments from Microgaming are a fun way to switch it up. Once you have tried this style of play you may not may not enjoy it more but you will have the ability to see for yourself. Instead of playing against some random computer you have the fun and excitement of playing with other gamers which is very rare in slot gaming- either in physical casino locations or online. If you are a serious or casual slot player and you want a new challenge you should seriously consider a new Microgaming tournament.

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